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Updated: Mar 31

I get asked a lot what regimen I'm on. Although l don't recommend my regimen to anyone since we all have different symptoms and different circumstances, here it is anyway.

1. Neuroprotection:

Since neurodegenrative diseases run in my family, I plan every regimen around neuroprotection as a solid foundation. Best options are Candesartan, NAC, and LDN. Melatonin is a good choice if sleep quality is poor.

2. Neurotrophy:

Neurogenesis is slow and often challenged, but there are rapid neurotrophic effects such as synaptogenesis and dendritic outgrowth that can occur within the span of a few days. For this, Semax is the ideal choice but due to accessibility I opted for Cerebrolysin instead.

3. Symptomatic Relief:

Luckily, I don't have any sexual symptoms but I do have depression, anhedonia and blunted affect that can be severe. For this I use Baclofen. I use Lamotrigine for my bipolar disorder.

4. Tolerance prevention:

What's worse than LTP ruining my day? when it comes to tolerance prevention for Baclofen, I always go with Memantine.

My regimen is often adaptive, which means I change stuff in and out depending on life circumstances, finances, and accessibility. But it often looks like this:

NAC/LDN/Candesartan + Cerebrolysin + Baclofen + Memantine + Lamotrigine.

Something I often change in and out is low dose levothyroxine (25 mcg), for example, depending on my blood values and the time of the year.

There are a lot of things I wish I could have a chance to try out, like:

Fenclonine, Tulrampator, Fasoracetam, and Etifoxine/Zuranolone just to name a few but I make-do with what I have access to.

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