For UK-based patients

For UK-based patients, this is how you can help with PSSD recognition and to make your voice heard.

1) please contact your local Member of parliament (MP) and let (FrogPSSD) or (Ben Climb) know when done. Both can be reached on Discord or the forum if needed for help/advice. Discord IDs: FrogPSSD#1129

Ben Climb#3202

2) See if this link could be sent to MPs or anyone else that could help (doesn’t have to be U.K. based)

3) A reporter from would like to talk to PSSD sufferers. It’s a very popular website that could be a very helpful friend to us. If interested please contact Ben Climb (must be from U.K.)

I have recovered some from the post-COVID syndrome and I've returned to working on my PSSD server where I continue reviewing the research literature regarding neuroscientific data that might help uncover drugs that can offer symptomatic relief or even a cure for PSSD. If you want to join, this is the Discord link:

Thanks for reading!


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