Please Note (Important): 
1- The new deal I have agreed on with my patrons is that I make research-reviewing my full-time job while quitting my daytime job at the pharmacy. In return, they shall pledge a monthly amount that cover the basics of living in  my country of origin  ($400)*.

2- Funding for research-reviewing and consultations will be separate as per the new deal. Meaning, I will accept a prespecified amount for research-reviewing and no more ($400)*.  Please DO explicitly state what you are donating for.


 * Please do not donate for research-reviewing without first checking the financial-report on the Discord server as the target had been frequently reached. I keep a monthly financial report there for full transparency.

3- Patrons have requested the consultation model to be changed from $20/monthly to a Pay-Per-Session model ($10/30 mins session). This is to be fair to those who only want to ask a few questions. The new model will come in-effect starting on December, 2019.

4- Consultations are limited to 1-2 sessions per day, depending on circumstances. My current focus is PSSD, post-antipsychotic syndrome, DAWS, and anhedonia only. I have neither researched post-Finasteride syndrome (PFS) nor post-Accutane syndrome (PAS) sufficiently enough to be able to help you with these two.

5- I do NOT accept funding for a laboratory and animal research just yet. There is currently a directive event taking place and in accordance to the outcome, it could lead to a laboratory being started in my hometown and being under my direct supervision.  I won't accept funding in the meanwhile - not until at least a feasibility study is conducted.

6- Recurring donations are currently not supported due to technical issues.

If you want to book a 30-min consultation session, please do so via [PayPal]. Please join my Discord server to view the waiting-list and also chat with other patrons. PM me for link.

If the PayPal link doesn't work, then waiting list has reached full capacity. I'll reply to your PM when I can provide more consultations again.
Weekend: Sat-Sun.


 Consultation details:

  • One-on-one consultations with me on Discord via text chat.

  • Please join the Discord server (PM me for link).

  • Consultation consists of 3 phases:

  1. Data collection phase: I will ask you questions regarding your symptoms, previous drug reactions, and blood tests that you have done.

  2. Suggestions phase: I will let you know my opinion on what I think went wrong and suggest drugs or supplements that could potentially help you achieve symptomatic relief.

  3. Trial & feedback phase: After you manage to acquire what I've suggested and tried them, I'd like to hear your feedback in order to  aid you further. 

Thank you for your support!

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