About Consultations:

  • I do not accept suicidal cases. If you are feeling suicidal, you are not fit for trial-and-error as there is a chance of worsening. Instead, you should seek professional counseling as soon as possible.

  • Consultation is $20 for 60 minsLimited to PSSD, post-antipsychotic syndrome, DAWS, and anhedonia only. If you want to book a consultation session, you can do so via a PayPal link that you can ask for on Discord after adding me to friends (Meso#1333)

  • Please DO explicitly state what you are donating for, whether it's for research-reviewing or a consultation.

Consultation Notes:

  • One-on-one consultations with me on Discord via text chat.

  • Consultation days are Saturdays of every week.

  • Please join the Discord server for the waiting-list (PM me on Discord for this).

  • Post-consultation feedback is important. 

About Research Discord server: 

  • Patrons are supporting me to make research-reviewing my full-time job by pledging a monthly amount that covers the basics of living in my country of origin ($400 + $100 safety net).

  • Recurring donations are currently not supported due to technical issues. You will have to donate manually each month for research-reviewing efforts.

  • This will grant you access to the patron-only research discord server, please add me on Discord and ask me for a link after donating: Meso#1333

  • Minimum donation required for patron status is $10 per month. For example, if you donate $50, you will have membership for 5 months.

My Schedule: 
Monday: Q&A session for patrons.
Tuesday: Research.
Wednesday: Research.
Thursday: Research.
Friday: Day off.
Saturday: Consultations.
Sunday: Day off.

Thank you for your support!

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