Access to My Research Server

I have a server on Discord that I use for:

1) Research-reviewing, theory, & brainstorming on etiology and pathophysiology of PSSD as well as researching potentially helpful medications & supplements.

2) I hold a weekly or bi-weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask me any question you have on medications, supplements, and anything PSSD-related. (For previous Q&A session, you can visit this link [Click Here]

3) It is a place for members to discuss their improvements on regimens while make friendship with fellow PSSD sufferers, troll-free.

I no longer offer a consultation service for the general public
. Please do NOT joint the server with an expectation of having a consultation. Consultations are reserved for personal friends only for the time being until further notice.

Note: Due to very negative past experience with 'trolls', my mods and I agreed to make the server patron-only, with a small access fee of $10 per month. This has worked wonderfully and the server has been toxic-free ever since.

If you are interested in joining the server, please DO specify so when sending payment on PayPal (in payment's comment). After
payment, please add me to Discord as a friend and ask for an invitation. My Discord ID is: Meso#1333 (Remember: account number is #1333)

Here is the PayPal link: [PayPal Link]

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