About Consultations:
I offer a consultation service for educated trial-and-error where I review your entire case and previous drug reactions and help you choose regimens & interventions for your trial-and-error and symptomatic relief efforts.

I will always keep the fee for my consultations affordable by everyone ($50 instead of the $250 asked by other professionals) to make it affordable to book consequent consultations and/or ask follow-up questions.

Conditions I Help With:

- Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) & Anhedonia (Safe PSSD options).

- Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD).
- Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS).

- Protracted Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome (DAWS).

Consultations are text-based since I need to keep a written history log of our chat as a future reference. 

Important Consultation Notes:

  • I DO NOT offer a 'cure' or reversal of damage done. Post-drug conditions have NO CURE as of yet and anyone who claims otherwise is fraudulent. Instead, what I offer is a chance at symptomatic relief. Symptomatic relief means lessening of symptoms' severity while still needing to be on a drug.

  • 'Cure': means you don't have to be on any drugs anymore. You are symptom-free without needing anything, not even supplements.

  • 'Symptomatic relief': means that your symptoms are relived but you still need to take drugs for the relieve to persevere.

  • I do this by offering the best scientifically-backed options for your own unique situation based on past drug reactions and your history. Again, do note that it is still trial-and-error.

  • If you are feeling depressed and suicidal, you have to treat your depression first with PSSD-safe options. Trial-and-error is NOT suitable for depressed patients for obvious reasons.

  • Please wait for at least 3-6 months without any improvements in order to make sure you have PSSD, PFS, or DAWS.

  • If you want to try supplements & herbs only, that's fine, but I want to make it clear that supplements & herbs rarely work for these conditions and you most likely won't improve.

  • Ideally, you must have free access to prescription drugs (i.e. buying online), psychostimulants, nootropics, and RCs like Fenclonine.

  • Most importantly, you must be willing to experiment with the aforementioned substances. PSSD is a serious condition and needs potent solutions.​​

  • Please give feedback so I can put your name under the Testimonials section.


  • Consultations start on 9 PM (GMT +2) Sat/Sun or on days I schedule with you. First PM come, first serve.

Steps for Booking a Consultation:
1. Please send a consultation fee to my PayPal.

- 1 session (up to 60 mins): $50 USD.

- Follow-up questions: $10+ USD, depending on time spent answering them. (i.e. if questions took 1 hour, then it's $60).

2. Download the Discord app.

3. Add me to friends list (Meso#1333).

4. Send me a private messages (PM/DM), so we can communicate in real-time.


                                                                          Thanks for reaching out!

                                                                                                    D. Rabbie