About Consultations:
I offer a consultation service for educated trial-and-error where I review your entire case and help you choose regimens & interventions for your trial-and-error and symptomatic relief efforts.

I will always keep the fee affordable by everyone (versus the $250 asked by other professionals). I realize that these conditions most likely affected your finances quite negatively. The other reason is to make it affordable to book consequent consultations since there will be a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Conditions I Help With:

- Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD).

- Protracted dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome (DAWS).

- Post-Finasteride syndrome (PFS).

Steps for Booking a Consultation:
1. Please send $20 to my PayPal.
2. Download Discord app.
3. Add me to friends list (Meso#1333)
4. Send me a private messages (PM), so we can communicate in real-time.

Consultations are text-based only and can last for 1 hour. It's text-based because I need to keep a history log of our chat in order to review it later on as well as for pinning important messages.

Important Notes (Please read):

  • I do not offer a cure/reversal. What I offer is a chance at symptomatic relief based on educated trial-and-error.

  • If you want to try supplements only that's fine, but supplements and herbs rarely work for PSSD. So, you must have free access to prescription drugs (i.e. buying online), psychostimulants , nootropics, and Fenclonine. More importantly, you must be willing to experiment with the aforementioned substances. PSSD is a serious condition and simple supplements and herbs aren't going to cut it.

  • I'm very busy so if you have questions after the consultation, please make a list of them and I'll answer the questions during the next the consultation. If you need answers urgently, please pay $5 and I'll make some time for them.

  • If you are feeling depressed and suicidal, you have to treat your depression first with PSSD-safe options (such as Ketamine or a psychedelic clinic). Trial-and-error is not suitable for depressed patients since it can lead to worsened depression and more intense suicidal ideation.

  • Please wait for at least 3 months (ideally 6 months) without improvements in order to make sure you have PSSD.

  • Please avoid having unrealistic expectations about the consultation. It's trial-and-error, with a chance of success or failure. Also, if PSSD/PFS changed your sexual orientation, I cannot reverse that so please don't ask me to.

  • Please try several regimens suggestions first before deciding that the consultations are useless and leave.

  • Please give feedback so I can put your name under the Testimonials section. While at it, give that section a read in order to have an idea on patients' experience. I will keep adding testimonials as they come.


  • Consultations start daily on 8 PM (GMT +2) except for Sat-Mon. First come, first serve.

Thanks for reaching out!