About Consultations:
I offer a consultation service for educated trial-and-error where I review your entire case and previous drug reactions and help you choose regimens & interventions for your trial-and-error and symptomatic relief efforts.

I will always keep the fee ($50) affordable by everyone versus the $250 asked by other professionals to make it affordable to book consequent consultations and follow-up questions since there will be a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Conditions I Help With:

- Major depressive disorder (MDD) & anhedonia (Safe PSSD options).

- Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD).
- Post Finasteride syndrome (PFS).

- Protracted dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome (DAWS).

Consultations are text-based only. It's text-based because I need to keep a written history log of our chat in order to review it later during my own spare time as well as for pinning important messages.

Important Consultation Notes:

  • I do not offer a 'cure' or reversal of damage done. What I offer is a chance at symptomatic relief based on educated trial-and-error. I offer the best scientifically-backed options for your own unique situation based on past drug reactions and history. It is still trial-and-error, therefore, it can have either a positive, neutral or a negative outcome.

  • If you are feeling depressed and suicidal, you have to treat your depression first with PSSD-safe options. Trial-and-error for PSSD is not suitable depressed patients since it can have a negative outcome leading to a crash or worsening of depression and more intense suicidal ideation.

  • If you want to try supplements/herbs only that's fine, but I want to make it clear that supplements and herbs rarely work for PSSD. So, you must have free access to prescription drugs (i.e. buying online), psychostimulants , nootropics, and RCs like Fenclonine. More importantly, you must be willing to experiment with the aforementioned substances. PSSD is a serious condition and simple supplements/herbs, with all honesty, aren't going to cut it.

  • Please wait for at least 3 months (ideally 6 months) without any improvements in order to make sure you have PSSD, PFS, or DAWS.

  • Please avoid having unrealistic expectations about the consultation. It's trial-and-error, with a chance of success or failure. Also, if PSSD/PFS changed your sexual orientation, I cannot reverse that so please don't ask me to.

  • Please try several regimens suggestions first before deciding that the consultations are useless and leave.

  • Please give feedback so I can put your name under the Testimonials section. While at it, give that section a read in order to have an idea on patients' experience. I will keep adding testimonials as they come.


  • Consultations start at 8 PM (GMT +2) only on Saturdays or during my spare time (random). First PM come, first serve.

Steps for Booking a Consultation:
1. Please send a consultation fee to my PayPal.

- Session (Up to 60 mins) - $50 USD.

- Just asking questions - $5+ USD, depending on time spent answering them. (i.e. if questions took 1 hour, then it's $50. If they took 30 mins, then it's $25, etc.)

2. Download the Discord app on your PC or smart phone.

3. Add me to friends list (Meso#1333).

4. Send me a private messages (PM/DM), so we can communicate in real-time.

5. If you want me to write up a document for your doctor, you could pay a small fee for that. This document would explain my suggestions to you backed with studies and evidence. This will cost you $15-30 USD fee, depending on the time spent writing it, since it takes about half an hour to an hour reading studies and getting valid references.


                                                                          Thanks for reaching out!

                                                                                                    D. Rabboie