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I no longer offer a consultation service for the foreseeable future. I used to offer 60-minutes consultations for $20 (USD). The community disliked this since I don't have a PhD, so I was demonized by some despite the positive testimonials.

I'm done with it and the drama it brought.


If you seek a consultation still, there are a couple professionals that I know of who recognize PSSD:
- Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Urologist (USA): $350-600+ USD for 15+ minutes consultation.
- Dr. David Healy, Psychiatrist (UK): RxISK recently started "eCONSULT" service for $350 USD for 60 minutes. Getting a personalized report will cost you $500-750, though.

Some patients who visited Goldstein reported on PSSDforum that his treatments never helped. However, these reports are too few to arrive at any conclusion based on them.


I have yet to hear reports from patients booking RxISK's eCONSULT; if you do, please post your experience on the forum.

These PhD professionals neither claim to know PSSD's pathophysiology nor know of a cure. However, they are still happy to take your money. Feel free to book with them if you want trial-and-error. Goodluck!

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