Deya Rabbie

B.Sc. Neuropharmacology, Ahram Canadian University, Egypt

People could contact Ant or Jaxx regarding my qualifications since I shared my certificate with them just for some extra verification.

As a neuropharmacologist, my interest is primarily focused on exploring the etiological & pathophysiological factors pertaining to rare neurological conditions and how they impact brain physiology.

Currently, I'm research-reviewing and brainstorming rare iatrogenic, idiosyncratic disorders such as:

  • Post SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD).

  • Post Finasteride syndrome (PFS).

  • Post Isotretinoin/Accutane syndrome (PAS).

  • Protracted dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome (DAWS).

  • Post-Antipsychotic syndrome.

  • Post Fluoroquinolone syndrome.


The main idea behind "The Research Zone" blog is to provide patients with information in form of hypotheses on possible pathophysiological mechanisms behind post drug syndromes as well as reviewing possible treatments that could offer symptomatic relief.