I'm a certified pharmacist with a deep passion for neuroscience and neuropsychopharmacology. The brain is such a spectacular organ!

Rat studies, drug development & trials take years if not decades to be conducted. It is much slower than that for under-recognized and/or rare medical conditions (PSSD, DAWS, post-antipsychotic syndrome, etc.)

Meanwhile, seeking symptomatic relief via supplements & medications, self-experimenting for a cure, as well as raising awareness for these conditions are our only options.

What I can do to help:

  1. Through consultations, I offer a guided trial-and-error approach based on the causative drug's pharmacology, past drug reactions, and symptoms. My advice is tailored up for each person's condition. I'm not a fortune-teller who can predict neurochemical states with certainty. What I offer is an educated guided approach of trial-and-error. No more, no less. At the end, it's still trial-and-error.

  2. I review research studies and write articles to educate the layman. These articles are always backed with references/citations.

  3. With the help of patrons, I will start a laboratory project soon for conducting animal studies for PSSD research.

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